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As I eluded to in the last post, I am working through the numbers trying to decide if an episodic production and release through Kickstarter is a viable option.

So, we now have a course and a destination… Which honestly is a very welcome and refreshing change.

Why use Kickstarter?
As a marketing platform it allows to reach a wider audience, not just my current customers but those new to the hobby and those who never knew DreamForge was even a 'thing'. I think we all know that the train has stalled, and its going to take a lot of effort and lots of attention to get it rolling again. Perhaps there will be a time that I can move off the Kickstarter platform, but for now… The broader exposure is required. This exposure comes at a price, Between the Kickstarter fees, the currency transaction fees and the backer support fees in the form of a post Kickstarter service to collect shipping and allow backers to add items or options, we are looking at near 10% in fees alone.

Not every Kickstarter campaign will succeed, that's OK. If the demand for a particular kit is not there, then its not… No harm no foul, we move on to the next product offering. I completely expect for there to be unfunded projects that never make it to plastic and possibly (if there was enough interest) may see a resin release instead. There will be changes to how DreamForge approaches on hand inventory and even they type of products offered, not all offerings need to be Iron Core specific, it provides far more flexibility in product development than making sure each product fits neatly into the project I have already started. If I get an itch to do…well anything, it gives a platform to see if all of you are also interested.

How will that work? And what does that look like from the customers side?
The plan is to have a very focused Kickstarter for a single product, its actual production costs and any profits expected will need to be folded into the funding goal. This is a strong departure from the retail model, where revenues are gained over time and the investment/debt is front loaded.

Product availability outside the initial Kickstarter will be limited, 10% to 20% beyond the total needed to fulfill the Kickstarter will be run, some of that will be soaked up by the inevitable issues, damaged kits, mispacked or missing items from a kit and kits that never make it to the backer and get lost in transit. 

There may be re-runs offered on popular kits in future Kickstarter's, but there will be minimums that need to be met, typically a 500 unit run will be needed. If I feel that the kit will sell, I may assist with purchasing some of that re-run myself, to provide stock on hand. The best way for a customer to approach this is to buy what you want and what you think you will need at the time of the offering, I cannot make a promise that there will be a second run if the overall interest is not there.

Customers will need to pay for the actual shipping costs for the products they back.
Shipping, as we all know is stuuupid expensive from the US to anywhere outside its borders. Each Kickstarter will be shipped directly from China to mitigate the expense to the customer as much as possible, this means most of the world will likely see a drastic cost reduction, but the US will see an increase. Why don't I just ship the US from the US? Well, because it's a hidden cost, one that would need to be calculated into the Kickstarter… Someone has to pay to get it to the US before it could be sent out from our warehouse, add to this the staffing costs, the shipping package costs and overhead, and it becomes a real issue that has not been factored into the per kit price… We are running as lean as possible, to provide a per kit price that is as low as possible, there will be no room for uncalculated expenses.

How are the Kickstarter's structured?
This is open for revision, but the plan is to absorb the costs and required profits into a 1000 minimum unit run. If it costs $40,000 for the molds, production, boxes and services, then the cost of each unit would be $40.00. 

What happens if a Kickstarter goes nuts and the total funding far outstrips the required funding goal? Do you get a discount? Discounts will be offered when you pick up multiple kits, not by the overall success of a product. Those are profits that get re-invested to make DreamForge healthy, to pay for game development, to pay for additional stock, to help pay for re-release of the current line of kits, as those tools will need to be re-cut at some point. I am not pulling the discount off the table, but for the foreseeable future, I have a lot of catching up to do and core development that needs to happen for DreamForge to grow and thrive.

I want to be clear, this is not going to be a song and dance Kickstarter model, there 'may' be extras offered if there is room on the sprues, ( I will try to pack them the best that I can) but anything extra in the form of products adds to the costs and I am not bulking the costs to deal with that. I am trying to keep the price per kit to you as low as I possibly can.

Longer term with the releases and stock on hand.
Obviously, this model does is not ideal for some aspects of brand development, limited supply concerns may not be ideal but it's not unusual when we look around the industry and other companies that made their way on Kickstarter. I am not GW, I do not have their sales volume or the resources available to behave like GW. Please understand that expecting a small manufacture in plastic to be able to behave and function as one of the top two or three in the industry, may not really be a reasonable expectation. I will strive to get there, but until the financial aspect of that shift make sense, I will be doing what is best for the growth of the company with the resources available. 

I think we can all agree, that Iron Core needs at least two to three full factions, terrain and a rules set, so as we move through these requirements, I will try to weight when it becomes viable as its own free standing IP. The goal is to grow the brand, expand the product offering, make available some of the older kits and even start to offer some options for those not interested in Iron Core. Fantasy, Cyberpunk and a myriad of other avenues are available and the wider the base of offerings, the more stable the base.
All of this is dependent on me, making what you want, delivered at a reasonable price within a reasonable time.

I am very excited about the prospect and the future. I am really looking forward to exploring your 'needful things' and if they can be created and successfully funded in an episodic, backer driven environment. I hope that you join be on this new course and help guide my had in future releases.

Soooo many itches to scratch, so little time :P

I will be reaching out in a few locations looking for honest feedback and direction from all of you.

  • Through surveys sent to my mailing list… So please sign up on the DreamForge-Games website if you have not.

  • Through my Facebook group DreamForge-GamesArtist Retreat  (please do not try to message me here) For whatever reason FB and I do not sync well…. I must be an old fart, not a huge fan of FB or twitter :P

  • On Dakka Dakka (I could start my own forum but it's a waste of energy, at least at this stage)

  • And, well...here but its not very good for two way conversations.

Recently in the past month or so, I became much more serious about finding ways to get rid of my pain, which is due to poor posture. In the past, I never had any pain getting up after sitting for hours and hours straight. I can sit 8 hours plus from work, and certainly longer as a couch potato, without experiencing any pain when I get up.

In other situations, where I'm standing or walking for as short as 30 minutes or less, I start to have the typical back pain, which is quite bothersome, but I was used to it as this has been a longstanding problem since childhood.

However, this time it was different. I noticed that I'd have considerable pain and stiffness, especially in the lower back and groin area, after sitting for just an hour, which is a stark change. This concerned me, because I never had any issues with sitting before.

Further, I started to become more active due to the motto, "sitting is the new smoking", and just standing for 5 minutes caused rather bad back and leg pain.

Additionally, I was disgruntled about how, despite doing weight training, it was still difficult for me to push open heavy doors and carrying groceries around. I haphazardly tried weight body training as discussed here in my review of Your Body Is Your Barbell, but no real progress since I couldn't do even the simplest moves in the book, so I sadly gave up.

Indeed, a lot of the functional strength and bodyweight books are too difficult even at the easiest level, that there's no way I can make progress.

After doing research, I stumbled upon Tim Anderson's The Becoming Bulletproof Project, especially as the book got insanely great reviews on Amazon, and most if not all were hyperbolic! I decided to try it out, especially as it's free for Kindle members (there is a free trial available). I was very impressed with the book, so I purchased a copy.

Just doing the two things he mentioned - keep tongue at roof of mouth, and diaphragmatic breathing, improved my energy levels. When I started doing the reset exercises (these are gentle warm-up exercises before the training), my pain significantly improved.

The book is delightfully short and concise, as Mr. Anderson did a great job explaining exactly why the reset exercises help with pain and improve mobility. He also explains why you'll feel bulletproof when you succeed in these difficult tasks. For this review, discussing these reasons are beyond the scope, but he does a great job explaining and encouraging you, that you get hyped.

The sample beginner exercises are quite "harsh" as they seem to be more anaerobic (heart rate gets up to 110 at the most per polar heart rate monitor), but we need to do this for 10 minutes straight! Note he does give progressions, so if you can't do, for example, leopard crawls, start with baby crawling and build up.

I recall that we can only be in anaerobic mode for around 2 minutes before you go into aerobic states, but by then, you'd be gasping for breath. In other words, I feel that if I can do the beginner exercises with ease, I'd be a complete badass, and indeed bulletproof for me. I appreciate Mr. Anderson discussing how your idea of bulletproof is based on what you feel, not per cultural and societal expectations. The intermediate/advanced seemed extreme to me, but definitely something exciting to aspire to!

He doesn't shame you at all if you're satisfied, like me, just to have no pain, improve mobility, and able to carry groceries and push doors with ease, even if you never progress to intermediate!

Further, all the exercises listed in his beginner exercises template, can be done at home. For the battling ropes, since fitness centers are closed due to Covid-19, I substituted ropes with the transferring water exercise instead. I wrote to Mr. Anderson, and he told me you can use large beach towels instead, but at that time, I found the transferring water exercise more intriguing.

Due to the challenge aspect, the exercises are actually fun. There was one day when I bolted out of bed, excited to see if I can improve my time with the leopard crawl.

I noticed I'm very consistent with exercise if it's fun and there's a goal to reach. Certainly, one of the most fun exercises is the leopard crawl which is exactly like baby crawling, except knees off floor.

For me, the exercises were quite hard, especially going at it for 10 minutes, up to 20 minutes with rest. I felt like quitting. For the climbing mountain routine, I had to substitute real pushups for wall pushups, but nevertheless, I was able to do all the routines in his Set A beginner sample, with modifications.

I didn't want to quit though, and sleeping on it, I recall the challenge of the Jacob's Ladder (Exhibit A). At first, I can only do
Exhibit A: Jacob's Ladder
less than 4 minutes, but I added 15 to 30 seconds per day (more if possible), and eventually reached 20 minutes straight before the quarantine! So I thought, apply this same method to the leopard crawl and only focus on this as I tend to be a single-minded person.

I believe anyone, after being able to do the baby crawl with good form and ease, can do 1 second of the leopard crawl, and then just add another second the next day, and build up. Who cares if you take one year, because you made it and you can achieve longer times!

For now, Day 1 of Leopard Crawl, I lasted for 1 minute 30 seconds. By adding 15 seconds every day, I can get to 10 minutes eventually! Mr. Anderson was absolutely right, if you can do this for 10 minutes straight, you can easily do well over 30 minutes. As of this writing, at day 14, I'm already at 6 minutes, and I skipped several days. Hence I can see myself getting to 10 minutes and beyond very soon.

In fact, I know I can do it! This is the exact experience I had with the Jacob's Ladder - when I got to 10 minutes, I was able to add full minutes, getting to 20 minutes very quickly! Indeed, the slowest growth was going from a few minutes to 10 minutes, which took well over a month.

Mr. Anderson is very inspirational as he has a "you can do it attitude", because the reality is, you CAN do it! Just start at very small increments and you can easily get to 10 minutes, I can see your being able to do 1 hour if pressed!

I have no doubt that a 60-year old gentleman was telling the truth about how he was able to do 45 minutes, and I know in my gut that he's telling the truth, and I feel he can do more than that if he wanted to. If you get to 10 minutes, you can do way more.

The leopard crawl appears to be for cardio conditioning. For the functional strength of this program, and this is truly functional, some of the other exercises include walking with arms swinging, carrying backpack of 30 pounds (women, more for men) for 10 minutes straight, resting if you have to, but making sure you do the work for 10 total minutes.

Suitcase carries is another exercise. Indeed, these are the exercises we do daily! I may even add going up and down stairs once I get better.

For the first week when I followed the program to the letter, lifting gallons of jugs was actually easy and they felt light! I was impressed, as before, I strained carrying gallon jugs. I strained even when I was at the "height" of my health when I was doing multiple sets of dumbbell exercises, with repetitions of 15, 12, 10, 8, 6 to failure.

Inspired by improvement in pain and getting functionally stronger that was quite noticeable, I resumed my goals of walking 10K steps daily. Before, I couldn't bear the pain with less than 30 minutes of walking 2 miles per hour, even while playing video games to take my mind off the pain.

However now, I only have some back and leg pain after 2 to 3 hours walking at 2 mph! Doing the bulletproof reset does help ease the pain considerably (perhaps around 75% improvement) but not quite at 100% pain-free. 75% is incredible! It felt so empowering that I can walk for such long periods of time without pain (until the very end).

In the upcoming posts, I'll discuss the two other methods I used, where I was able to eradicate pain, these exercises being fun and not something you skip because they're too boring.

In conclusion, Tim Anderson's book is incredible - if you're cleared by your doctor, and you're suffering from pain and feeling weak such that you struggle with carrying groceries, this book is for you.

Why not give the book a try? Subscribe to Amazon's free trial and check out the book for yourself! If you find it works, then it's definitely worth getting a hard copy for easier reference.

Review of Neff's Self-Compassion

My Hero Ones Justice 2 Free Download

Posted on 6:27 PM by Tina

The Fight for Justice gets Bigger, Badder, and More Quirkier!

The battle for justice continues, but this time the fight gets bigger, badder, and more quirkier in MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE 2.

Based on the hit anime series, all of your favorite characters return in this 3D arena fighter that pits heroes and villains in the ultimate test for righteousness.

MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE 2, the over-the-top follow-up to the smash hit 3D arena fighter MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE, makes its heroic debut! Make full use of characters' Quirks as you clash head-to-head in epic battles across huge arenas!


♢ Click or choose only one button below to download this game.
♢ View detailed instructions for downloading and installing the game here.
♢ Use 7-Zip to extract RAR, ZIP and ISO files. Install PowerISO to mount ISO files.

  My Hero Ones Justice 2 Free Download

➤ Download the game by clicking on the button link provided above.
➤ Download the game on the host site and turn off your Antivirus or Windows Defender to avoid errors.
➤ Once the download has been finished or completed, locate or go to that file.
➤ To open .iso file, use PowerISO and run the setup as admin then install the game on your PC.
➤ Once the installation process is complete, run the game's exe as admin and you can now play the game.
➤ Congratulations! You can now play this game for free on your PC.
➤ Note: If you like this video game, please buy it and support the developers of this game.

(Your PC must at least have the equivalent or higher specs in order to run this game.)

• Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
• OS: WINDOWS 7, 64 bit
• Processor: Intel Core i5-750 / AMD Phenom II X4 940
• Memory: 4 GB RAM
• Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / AMD Radeon HD 6870
• DirectX: Version 11
• Network: Broadband Internet connection
• Storage: 12 GB available space

• Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
• OS: Windows 10, 64 bits
• Processor: Intel Core i5-3470or AMD FX-6300
• Memory: 4 GB RAM
• Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660or AMD Radeon HD 7870
• DirectX: Version 11
• Network: Broadband Internet connection
• Storage: 12 GB available space
Supported Language: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Russian, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Korean, and Simplified Chinese language are available.

Hussar Problem Solved

Posted on 5:19 PM by Tina

I mentioned that while I was up at the Wargames Holiday Centre I was hoping to make a few purchases. Well,I did indeed, and here are a few pics of some of them. Mike has been selling off quite a few units this year in order to "slim down" the collection (for example, having nearly 180 x 36 man French btns seemed a bit OTT), and I hoped to buy a few units I'd always really liked. High on the list were these 2 regts of Austrian Hussars, 1 of 36 men and another of 48 (Wish they were both 48's).
One of the problems I've always had with the Austrian army is the hussar uniform. Now I know they invented the things, but I've always thought the Austrian hussar uniform looked more at home in Billy Smart's Circus than on a battlefield. All that purulent bright green, stupid red trousers, and yellow plumes...Give them some long, floppy shoes rather than hussar boots and they would have looked better.
Subsequently I've never had any great desire to paint any. So from years ago when I first saw these rather more subdued paint jobs they always appealed. They are all wearing overalls and the green is (a more realistic) darker shade.  Despite this they are still suitably gaudy enough for hussars, with their red shabraques with yellow piping and either bright or dark blue dolmans.
They are (naturally) the Elite miniatures castings, painted and converted by Doug Mason. All the sabres are pins soldered into the hand and are very tough. Even after many years of service up in Scarborough I only had to replace 3 swords out of 84. Doug has done plenty of bends and twists to these figures. There are only 4 basic figures here, officer, trumpeter and 2 trooper figures, and he really has imparted an incredible sense of movement to the models which really look the part of hussars at full tilt

I just did a minimal amount of work on the bases to blend them with my standard basing. Just an oilwash and highlight then some grass clumps added. I also gave them a quick new coat of gloss. I had contemplated giving them a matt coat, but they look infinitely better in their original gloss glory. I'm developing a bit of a theory about gloss V matt: Gloss varnish isn't terribly fashionable these days which is actually a bit wierd. There is no debate about it bringing out the colour and establishing a visual contrast between the figure and its base, this is simply optical fact. Nonetheless, a lot of folk "prefer" matt these days. Anyway, my theory is, that gloss varnish makes well painted figures look even better and badly painted figures look even worse, while matt varnish just dulls everything down to a more median uniformity (no pun inteneded). So for Mr Average painter (like me, and most of you) we think our stuff looks better when we matt varnish it, because gloss just shows up all the cock-ups, while matt is more....forgiving.
Anyway, thats my theory.

These figures were painted by someone who really knew what he was doing, and it shows up even better in the flesh than through the lens of my rather inadequate camera.

These weren't the only figures I bought from Mike, there are more (I just kept peeling off the tenners until he said stop) but the rest will have to wait for another time.

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