The Soul Submissive

Posted on 9:49 PM by Tina

As our relationship has unfolded, I found that submission is not what truly lie inside me. I found that dominance was my calling. I possess this great desire to find love, compassion, acceptance and kindness as a dominant woman, who knows what a man wants and needs. No longer am I angry, hateful and sinister in my desires. Now I long to love and nurture my sweet little boy, S.

Originally, entering into the arms of a dominant male, I submitted myself physically and psychologically, and explored a world where I had longed to be.  To be instructed by another, to have decisions made for me, to become one's property, where my purpose is to please, and put all my trust in someone else, is what seemed to satisfy my soul. A soul that wants to submit.

Then something changed. . .

I am not a weak person.  My strength had manifested through my desire to submit, having spent my life looking for men who could master me, but never finding one.  I'd master them instead, preying upon their weaknesses and insecurities until I consumed all they had to offer, then sending them on their way.

Until I met S, and fell in love.

This is the story about me, and my new life with S.

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