Battle of Wills

Posted on 6:31 PM by Tina

My mind runs with questions.

"Should I climb on top of him? Is that what he wants? To submit? Or is he looking for his equal? Or maybe, just maybe, he's watching to see what I'm going to do."

We lie in bed, stroking, kissing, touching. As his head bows just a touch, I see my opportunity.

Quickly, I move to my knees, grab his hip, roll him in his back and begin sucking his cock. He moans with pleasure. His arms extend out to his sides. He is submitting. Soon I will be riding him, my palms pressed hard into his chest, and I will demand he declare his devotion to me.

It seems I lie in wait, like a spider, anticipating my moment to pounce and dominate.

In our day to day lives, he calls the shots. He may not always choose where we eat dinner, or what appointments we attend for work (we work together at his business), but he always, always ultimately chooses what HE does. He offers me options in life, but never makes choices for me. But if I want to be with him, spend time with him, I usually let him take the lead.

This is so comfortable for me. I love his confidence, his vision, and his brilliant mind. He is a born leader, while being very tender, soft spoken, and unassuming. People always look to S to take the lead, and he naturally does.

What he needed, what he loves, what he craves, he has found, is a woman who can take the lead and knows when to do so. What he needed was me.