Posted on 10:05 AM by Tina

It burns like a freight train raging along the tracks, coming from my groin, out through my risen chest, my upturned face, pouring out of my mouth agape, and through my fingers, up to heaven, or God, or whomever calls this passion from me. Upon his hips, my legs wrapped around his thighs, my back arched, his cock buried into my soul, I gasp as the force of his willingness and worship flood me on the way to the angels. His arms reach over his head, his hands grasp the headboard, his hips rise to meet my sucking, starving, voracious pussy, while his sweet eyes watch my inferno.

With a thunder, it all slams back into me, from heaven and beyond, the force and the fierceness, and I cum with a squeezing, piercing scream through my entire body. The tornado rips through my lungs, my head slaps back, as whimpers and cries emanate from my dry throat.

When I see his eyes, I know he is mine. I know he was designed, built, and born to bring me to this state, over and over again. I didn't see him one day and decide I wanted him to be mine; he was mine to own from the moment he was born. He belongs to me. I am his desire, his destiny, his Dom.

Special Needs

Posted on 4:51 PM by Tina

I am a girl with special needs. And to be frank about it, I am god-damned sick and tired of feeling bad about that. I have the need for attention, affection, and, dare I say, adoration. If I am going to participate in a relationship then it had better be worth my time. Love and affection are not two things that are negotiable. Perhaps my love quotient is higher than other women and my need for affection is greater than your last woman. I'm tired of being ashamed of that, and tired of being labeled as somehow flawed because of that.

My lover needs to meet my needs. Period. If he can't, or won't, then I don't want to be in half of a relationship. Been there, done that. I demand, yes DEMAND, a certain amount of attention, affection and respect. No one could ever say I don't give it back tenfold. In a relationship I am very giving, attentive, responsive, and considerate. Certainly I am not perfect, but I give 100% effort. Perhaps that's been my problem, being the aggressive perfectionist I am. Perhaps I expect others to give the same effort that I give.

Nevertheless, give it all, or give it up. In life, be a leader, be a follower, or get out of my way.