Posted on 10:20 PM by Tina

Recently I've shared my newest erotic fantasy with S, and it was met with enthusiastic pleasure. He simply loved the idea and has been encouraging me to explore the idea further.

My fantasy is probably rather vanilla for most. A beautiful brunette waitress we know from a restaurant we frequent is our subject. Amanda is a fan of mine, and rushes through the restaurant every time I arrive to greet and hug me. She's a real doll, with a beautiful smile and outrageous, taut body.

In my fantasy Amanda is on all fours, tied up so she can not move at all. S lies beneath her, furiously sucking and alternately milking her nipples with his mouth and hands. Amanda is gagged, but not blindfolded, and is receiving a rhythmic machine fucking in her pussy.

Me? I am standing over her with my largest strap on, ass fucking her. It is S's job to comfort, soothe and encourage her to endure when she reaches her breaking point. He is to milk her, both physically and emotionally, to her brink.

When I've determined she's taken all she can, the three of us will cuddle, with Amanda in the middle until she is soothed. She will then suck and love my DD's while S dildo fucks my and licks my clit. Once I've cum clitorally, it will be S's turn.

All of his cum belongs to me, so only I will take his cock in my pussy. While taking a lovely fucking from behind, I will embrace and make out with our beautiful Amanda, until S reaches his orgasm.

Yes, just a fantasy for now. Hopefully soon, reality.


Posted on 12:06 AM by Tina

In raging summer, oh! So grand,
I met a flood upon my land.
You washed over with a flood of fire,
Released me from the muck & mire.

Entrenched in mud from my own tears,
Imprisoned by my life of fears.
Cleanse from me all things past.
I pray, I pray our summer last.

Build and stoke my soul aflame!
Release the animal untamed!
Bite, bend, arch and claw,
Forgive all with empassioned flaw.

Rain upon my land so dry,
Kiss away the tears we cry.
Weep with passion, weep with pain!
Weep because it's all the same.

Burn with heat of summer sun,
Burn, my life has just begun!

Somewhere In Between

Posted on 12:03 AM by Tina

Somewhere in between
Being your Domme and being your slave
Somewhere in between
Being who you love and being who you crave

Somewhere deep inside
The ebb and flow between you and me
Somewhere deep inside
The who we are and who we'll be

Somewhere in your heart
You know you were made just for me
Somewhere in your heart
You long to be just what I need

Somewhere in between
I know my place is by your side
Somewhere in between
What we show and what we hide

Somewhere down the road
I see your smile and hear your cry
Somewhere down the road
Into the horizon two birds fly

Pull Me in the Lifeboat

Posted on 11:20 PM by Tina

I was drowning. Too much pressure, I suppose. That's what S believes. So he stepped up, and pulled me into the lifeboat when I was going down. The sorrow was overwhelming, so much so that I was drowning in it.

After a few days, we settled back into our routine. S is so good at taking direction and it seems so natural to direct him. Recently, another local business owner, Randy, who wants to partner with us on a project, emailed S for a meeting. Of course S asked me to attend. During the meeting Randy continued to direct his conversation only to S. Often S would answer him, because our expertise is in different areas and he had the answers Randy was seeking. But S often looked to me for leadership. Funny thing was that Randy never realized it was me he had to please, and I would make the final decision, as I often do.

S trusts me. He trusts me with his personal belongings, his business, his life and his heart. He knows my devotion to him and he knows down in his soul that I would never harm him. He knows I'm honest. He trusts my intuition about people and my ability to read them and their motives. He knows that I won't hurt him and that I would never, ever let anyone else hurt him.

When I was suffering in my depressed state, I had to turn outward and find safety somewhere else. S recognized that and grasped my hand, pulling me back into the boat before I drowned. He then rowed me back to shore. He didn't do it because he needs me, or because he wants something from me. He did it because he saw me in need, because he's that kind of person, because he would do it for anyone who needed him. I had to trust him, the way he trusts me.

Reaching for the lifeboat was nearly impossible, because admitting weakness was something I thought a Domme couldn't do. Perhaps I need to let go of what I "think" a Domme is and just begin being myself.